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What is structural design? Indispensable element in structural design

Structural design works to keep the work stable and not destroyed due to the impact of loads during the operation of the structure, and at the same time helps to save costs for the investor.

1. What is structural design?

  • What is the construction structure?

The structure is an important part of the construction and installation process of a building, acting as the main pillar and load-bearing part of the building, the structure is divided into bridges connecting each other to form the frame of the work such as floors, beams, columns, walls, foundations, etc. Currently, the materials commonly used in structures are reinforced concrete, wood, bricks, stone steel, etc. These are extremely high-quality materials, durability and high aesthetics that should be used extremely popular.

The building structure is the word used to refer to the load-bearing members, these components have the effect of resisting the destruction of the applied loads that destroy the necessary stability for the building, the components (structures) linked together to form a framework for the building such as Floors, Beams, Columns, Walls, Foundations...

  • Structural design

Structural design is a very important part of putting the building into use to ensure sustainability with external factors such as nature, geology, etc. to ensure stability, safety and aesthetics according to ideas of architecture, and at the same time is responsible for calculating, implementing plans and details of structural parts such as foundations, columns, beams, floors, stairs....

The change in the type of structure or the bearing plan, the foundation plan will greatly affect the construction cost and construction progress. Therefore, choosing the optimal structural design option is the most important factor in reducing construction costs as well as construction progress.

2. What does the structural design of a work include?

The structural design of the work is likened to the backbone of that work, if the architectural drawing determines the aesthetics, the structural drawing is accurately calculated to ensure the certainty and safety of the whole work.

The structure drawing board includes foundation structure, body structure and roof structure.

  • The foundation is located at the bottom and plays a very important role when carrying the entire building; surveys also show that up to 70% of the damaged buildings are caused by the foundation. Therefore, having a solid foundation, suitable for the type of soil where the construction is to be built is an important prerequisite.

  • If the foundation supports the entire building, the body acts as a connecting bone that supports and connects the rest of the house, thanks to columns, beams, walls, floors, lofts, stairs, etc.

  • The list of structural design works usually shows the following contents: Components positioning options (foundation, beams, beams, floors, stairs, columns, etc.)

Details of ingredients.
Reinforcement details, beams, wall pillars….

What does structural design include?

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