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How many steps does the structural design process include?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

1. Input data

The engineer before implementation will introduce an overview of the type of work to be designed, from which to design ideas for the structure according to specific requirements and conditions.

2. Calculation of loads

It can be seen that this is an important step in the entire structural frame design process, requiring engineers to have a lot of practical experience, making calculations, forecasting external impacts on the project, errors, etc. Mistakes in this step will cause the quality of the work to be reduced, and more dangers can cause the collapse of the work.

Load calculation is an important step in the entire structural frame design process

3. Preliminary cross-sectional dimensions

The engineer selects the preliminary dimensions of the cross-sections according to the structural diagram, from which he can make a plan to choose construction materials to suit the work, according to the standards of the concrete structure design. reinforced concrete.

4 Modeling, checking models and structures

Carry out detailed calculations of the cross sections of the work, along with that, do not forget to check whether the conditions of use are suitable or not, ensuring design quality.

Modeling, checking models and structures to help check whether the use conditions are appropriate, ensuring design quality

5 Design of columns, beams, walls, floors

After conducting structural modeling, checking the model and structure, we proceed to design columns, beams and walls.

6 Foundation design

After designing columns, beams, walls and floors, we will begin to design the foundation, calculate the load capacity of the pile and how long the pile is to make the foundation stronger.

The foundation is located at the bottom, and have an extremely important role when carrying the entire work, so this stage needs to be carefully designed.

7 Structural Explanation

Select the appropriate construction plan for each type of construction on each actual terrain, then start making a structure diagram. This is the basis for you to make calculations about loads and materials. construction, etc. Therefore, the more detailed the diagram, the better.

8 General Notes
9 Drawings

Construction design drawings

From the above preliminary calculations, the engineer will begin to implement the detailed design, select the structure of the work and show it through the design drawings.

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