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What is structural engineering? Why do you need structural design services when building a project?

Structural design is one of the important steps to putting a building into stable use. Based on the Architectural design file, the Structural Design Engineer is responsible for calculating and implementing the plans and overall details of the building's components from foundations, columns, beams, floors, stairs, pool,…

What is structural engineering?

Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that is concerned with the structural design of man-made structures. Often described as designing the 'bones and muscles of structures, these engineers need to understand the rigidity, stability and strength of both buildings and non-building structures.

Structural Engineering is a specialty within Civil Engineering. Structural Engineers create drawings and specifications, perform calculations, review the work of other engineers, write reports and evaluations, and observe construction sites.

Building on detailed structural engineering design will help you solve problems such as in the event of a natural disaster that damages your home, cracks in foundation walls, subsidence or displacement, cracks and displacement of furniture sagging or bent frames, floors or walls, termites, carpenters damaged by ants or rotting, small and damaged frame parts, sinkholes and soil concerns, damaged roofs harmful, etc.

What is the purpose and benefit of structural engineering services?

"Engineering services" means any service or creative work, the adequate performance of which requires experience in the application of special knowledge of the mathematical, physical and engineering sciences to such services or creative work as consultation, investigation, evaluation, etc.

Structural engineers offer detailed designs of foundations, floor plans, roof types, beam and column layouts, material quality, retaining walls, suspension of bridges, etc.

Structural engineers often specialize in particular types of structures, such as buildings, bridges, pipelines, industrial, tunnels, vehicles, ships, aircraft, and spacecraft.

Ensuring the Safety Factor of the Building
  • The durable condition of the building requires that the components are not damaged when subjected to external forces and loads.

  • Rigid conditions require that the structure and components are not deformed or displaced excessively when subjected to frequent impacts. This requirement ensures normal operating conditions for the project.

  • Stability conditions require the structure to return to its original shape after the load has ceased to be applied and not to be destroyed.

The Key to the Cost-Saving Problem

Normally, depending on the size of each construction item, construction costs can range from hundreds of millions to hundreds of billions of dong. Therefore, the investor is always looking for structural design solutions to optimize construction costs, while still ensuring the quality of the work.

Structural design will be the step that provides details and accuracy for each construction item, helping the investor to cover construction costs, as well as minimize unnecessary costs during the construction process.

Realizing Architectural Ideas

In fact, ideas from structural design drawings and actual construction always have a certain difference that is affected by external factors. A house with good aesthetic architecture is not necessarily the best house in terms of use as well as by the ground structure and ensuring the stability of the building.

Therefore, each structural engineer will be the one to turn the architectural idea into reality, calculate the project to bring the work in harmony with the overall aesthetic and ensure economic factors.

You should choose a reputable structural design unit

MAC ENGINEERS VIETNAM has many years of experience and operation in the field of structural design.

We provide formwork and reinforcement drawings for projects in Germany. With experience working and cooperating with many big corporations in Germany and Europe, we bring quality drawings to Germany with an appropriate cost.

Moreover, we have a team of young engineers with the ability to process information quickly and precisely which will help the drawings to be made quickly, ensuring the progress of the project.

Based on the strengths: FAST - QUALITY - PRECISION, we're confident to respond to the most demands from customers.

Take a look at some projects that MAC has been involved with major partners in Germany

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