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What are structural engineers? Do you know the details of the job of a structural engineer?

In construction, structural engineers play an extremely important role in ensuring accuracy in all stages of construction. So what is a structural engineer? What tasks does their job include? Let's find out with MAC through the following article!

1. What are structural engineers?

Structural engineers are people who take on the task of designing e.g. construction works.

In construction, structural engineers are people who design products in the field of construction such as houses, bridges, tunnels, etc. They are also responsible to ensure that the quality of the work is guaranteed in the best way with a perfect design structure. The structure that the engineer designs must withstand the impact force as well as the effect of the load, have solidity and a stable connection with the entire project.

2. What do structural engineers do?

Construction cost assessment

It is not easy to optimize construction costs to both save the budget and ensure the quality of the work. The cost will vary depending on the size of the project.

Solutions to reduce construction costs are always a problem that most investors are interested in. As a result, structural engineers need to plan to ensure that the cost of materials is in balance with the quality of the design.

Provide effectively structural solutions

Structural engineers are responsible for providing solutions for construction workers and investors to create quality products with the best sustainable structure. Consulting and providing solutions will help engineers have more advantages in terms of the sustainable existence of the project.

Ensure project safety

Projects are built based on demands and purposes of use. Therefore, the safety factor must be a priority while designing solid works and ensuring good bearing capacity. Professional skills and ethics of structural engineers are essential in this period.

Bringing structural drawings into reality

The design ideas that structural engineers express to help everyone to visualize are called structural drawings. In addition, based on the structural drawings, civil engineers can read and execute the right ideas of design engineers.

3. Necessary Skills to become a structural engineer

To become a structural engineer, you need to equip yourself with the following skills:

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Accurate and fast calculation skills

  • Proficient in using 3D modeling and design tools, In-depth physics knowledge.

  • The ability to observe and see problems from multiple angles

  • Good communication skills

  • Planning ability

  • Teamwork skills

  • Ability to connect and maintain relationships with engineers, experts, designers in the same project

Above is the information compiled by MAC to help you better understand what a structural engineer's job is like.

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